Governance Documents

Corporate Governance Overview

NOVONIX (ASX: NVX) is a listed company and is committed to effective corporate governance aligned with recommendations of the ASX.

Responsibility for NOVONIX's corporate governance rests with the Board.

The Board's governing principle in meeting this responsibility is to act honestly, conscientiously and justly, in accordance with the law, in the interests of Shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

The Boards general function is to:

  • chart strategy and outline financial targets for NOVONIX;
  • monitor the implementation of strategy and performance against financial targets; and
  • appoint and supervise the performance of executive management and generally to take and fulfil an effective leadership role in relation to NOVONIX.

Power and authority in certain areas is specifically reserved to the Board – consistent with its functions as outlined above. These areas include:

  • the composition of the Board including appointment and retirement or removal of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman (if applicable);
  • oversight of NOVONIX including its control and liability systems;
  • where suitable, ratifying the appointment the removal of senior executives;
  • reviewing, ratifying and monitoring systems of risk management and internal control, codes of conduct and legal compliance;
  • observing the execution of strategy by senior executives and consultants, and confirming adequate resources are available;
  • approving and monitoring the progress of major capital expenditure, capital management, and acquisitions and sales;
  • approving and monitoring financial and other reporting;
  • performance of investment and treasury functions;
  • monitoring industry developments relevant to NOVONIX and its business;
  • developing suitable key indicators of financial performance for NOVONIX and its business;
  • having input in and granting final approval of corporate strategy and performance objectives developed by management;
  • the overall corporate governance of NOVONIX including its strategic direction and goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals; and
  • oversight of committees of the board.